TTFH California Probate & Estate Savings Calculator

In California, the probate code sets a statutory fee for attorneys and executors for the administration of an estate. Fees are set forth in California’s statutory rules, Probate Code Section 10810 for the executor (personal representative) and attorney on any California estate over $184,500 value. Higher fees can be ordered by a court in special circumstances and for more complicated cases. Many families are often shocked to learn just how much the process will cost them, often leaving them with a much smaller inheritance than they’d expected. Creating a trust now can substantially save your loved ones from the time delay and expense of a probate proceeding. 

The following fees are calculated on the value of property that is subject to probate administration. Property subject to probate administration includes the value of real estate, business interests, investments, bank accounts, and personal property. Other assets such as retirement accounts, and life insurance are generally not subject to probate administration.


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