Justin D. Fox

Attorney / Partner

Practice Areas


Justin Fox is an attorney with over two decades of unique and unprecedented experience in the entertainment industry. His perspective was gained from the road: in a world-touring, award winning Rock band, as a signed recording artist, a music publisher for television and movies, and as an engineer/producer in the studio with other legendary platinum selling artists. His special knowledge allows him to provide his entertainment and other media clients the insight to dynamically and effectively avoid major pitfalls while capitalizing on the opportunities encountered in the ever evolving entertainment industry and online social marketing platforms.

Justin also helps his many other clients with an array of legal needs such as business formation & startups, technology services and apps, marketing, merchandising, and manufacturing, intellectual property, trademark & copyright issues, real estate matters, and estate planning: wills, trusts, and probate.

In his free time, Justin enjoys taking advantage of our great California weather with his family, photography, a good cup of coffee, writing and recording new music, and  sneaking out of the office for the occasional tour.

Business & Transactions

We support a variety of business matters and transactions. Including, business formation, “start-up” planning and organization, transaction negotiating, drafting and review of contracts, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and many other business activities. Advising business clients on corporate operations and governance issues, such as the rights and responsibilities of corporate officers, and counseling the legal activities of the company.

Estate Planning

We create an all-inclusive estate package for our clients which includes a Living Trust, Guardianships, Last Will and Testament, a General Power of Attorney, an Advance Health Care Directive (which includes the “Living Will”), a HIPAA Authorization and Waiver along with Final Disposition Instructions (i.e., “burial instructions”). We also provide our clients with a plain language executive summary of Estate Planning Provisions with instructions for the Distribution of your Personal Property.

Entertainment & Intellectual Property

Music & Performance Entertainment; TV/Film/Commercial/Game Licensing, Copyrights, Trademarks, Likeness & Publicity, Recording agreements, Producer agreements, Writer agreements, Licensing/Distribution agreements, co-ventures, Internet IP, Performing rights organizations (PROs: ASCAP & BMI), endorsement deals, publishing agreements.

Real Estate, Evictions/Unlawful Detainers, & Landlord/Tenant Law

Various issues that arise in matters concerning residential and commercial real estate transactions, landlord-tenant conflicts including evictions, boundary disputes, easements, title issues, and foreclosures.

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